Welcome to the Shipping World !
Bandari College (Dar es Salaam) was established in 1980 to serve the needs of Tanzania seaports. It continued to offer training in the field of Operational Clerks, Equipment Operators and went further to conduct courses such as Operations Supervisory courses. The BC also provided Vocational Education Training in Engineering. Records show that the BC used to offer short courses especially the ones related to Port Productivity improvement and induction to new employees. It is estimated that over 95% of the workforce in the port and maritime sub-sector were trained at the College.
Bandari College strives to perform activities which offer quality, dynamic and unique training packages to employees and non-employees of the shipping industry and other stakeholders.

"To offer competence based training, undertake applied research and provide consultancy services in maritime and port logistics to respond to current and future demands".

"To be the centre of excellence in training, research and consultancy in maritime and port logistics in Sub-Saharan Africa".

Core Values
“Integrity, stability, good governance, recognition, customer care and team work".

Students Government Election on 24th April 2017