Library Rules and Regulations

All readers must adhere strictly to the following regulations while using the library.

  • All members of the College are entitled to use the library as readers.
  • The Libraryunit head may admit readers from other institutions to use the library under specified library procedures.
  • BC students and staff and other authorized users are required to produce valid ID cards for identification at the library entrance. Other individuals wishing to use the library will be required to produce valid organizational ID Cards/National ID card/Passport/Driving License.
  • Absolute silence is to be observed in the library. Mobile phones must remain silent. No iPods or phone radios are to be used in the library.
  • No overcoats, umbrellas, bags and bulky jackets and headgear are allowed in the library. Should somebody get into the library with these, he/she will be subject to thorough checking at the discretion on the library exit. These items should be deposited temporarily in the designated area in the Library.
  • Any item deposited in the clock room should not be left there for an overnight. The items should be collected when one leaves the library.
  • Every user must show his/her books at the checkpoint when walking out the library.
  • Every library user is subject to inspection at the main library entrance when leaving the facility.
  • Smoking, eating, chewing gum and drinking in the library are prohibited.
  • Littering the library with waste paper, sweet wrappings, gum etc., is prohibited.
  • Library computers are strictly for research purposes.
  • All library patrons are requested to leave reading materials on the reading table. No user is permitted to re-shelve any reading material.
  • Taking library materials in the following areas is prohibited: washrooms, balconies and non-library offices/rooms.
  • Those who wish to photocopy library reading materials may make use of the photocopy services available on campus as long as they observe copyright regulations. Photocopy of unpublished projects/research paper is prohibited.
  • Writing on, underlining or marking drawings on library materials, tearing pages from books or damaging reading materials in any way is prohibited.
  • Drawing and writing on library tables, surfaces, windows, walls, windows, doors or any other library property is prohibited.
  • All new students are required to undergo a library orientation programme before using the facility.
  • Ask for help from library staff if you are unable to find your required material.

Students Government Election on 24th April 2017